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6.3 Reflection

This module has explored the use of technology tools for both formative and summative assessment. As you think about how you will implement formative and summative assessments in the online and blended environments, what are some of the factors you need to consider? For both formative and summative assessments in an online or blended environment, I think it’s important for teachers to be aware of some factors.  First would be the collaborative possibility.  Students need to be exposed to collaborative activities meaningfully, and the assessment tools need to have the function to allow students to fully collaborate online as if… Read More

3.3 Reflection: Using Web 2.0 Tools

As a language instructor, one of the projects that students often loves to do is to create some form of demonstrative project that can showcase their language use in an authentic situation.  When I assign a project such as making a movie, students have to create a story plot where the characters are defined and named, and the movie, while short, needs to have a solid story line where the story should be complete.  This type of project is often a collaborative one so students can work in a small group to share the responsibility and build their collaborative skills,… Read More

4.3 Reflection: Social & Professional Networks

To me, Internet has been one of the greatest influence in my life, especially in my career as an instructional designer.  When I was first introduced into the field (or even just the concept of) educational technology, I was amazed at the vast resources available on the net.  In the workshop that I attended, I was re-introduced to Twitter, and using it to build my personal learning network.  Within the first week connected, I learned so much resources that I was almost overwhelmed with the pouring information.  It took a while to adjust to the life of Twitter as an… Read More

2.2 Reflection Methodologies of the Online Instructor

1. Reflecting on the information covered in this module so far, how might your instructional methodologies need to change in an online or blended learning environment?  While I am very comfortable with integrating technology and creating collaborative projects for students in a traditional classroom, I think I need to explore different methodologies in delivery information that may be more suitable for direct teaching, even if it is a multimedia material.  I think sometimes because of the computer screen, information that is too text-heavy becomes difficult to read and absorb, and multimedia material may be too long or not engaging enough. … Read More

1.2 Reflection – Personal Learning Goal

My result for the online learning self-assessment was 75%, a somewhat surprising, but at the same time understandable result for myself.  My main challenge is time management, since online learning requires the learner to follow the deadlines in a self-sufficient manner, which can be challenging since online learning tends to have their own calendar on the system as oppose to my usual way of inputting the deadlines into my own calendar.  The lack of pressure of face-to-face course meetings also poses a lower pressure on assignment deadlines, which contributes to my challenge of time management. My highest priority for this… Read More