Credentials…. I got you!

Just want to make a post here (hey, it IS my own blog, ain’t it? lol) to celebrate the fact that I just got my credentials from the State of California! That’s right~!  After a year-and-a-half long of laborious classwork, countless hours and money spent on the dreadful CSET tests, and the painful weeks of waiting, I finally received the e-mail that says I am now licensed to teach!  Woohoo! And just thought I’d share… I was told by many administrators they’ve never seen a CSET score printout this long before… LOL Yippie~! ^_____^ —Teresa

Goal as a Teacher for 2010-2011

As I’m grading and trying to meet the deadline for the grades…. I got to thinking.  What are my goals for next school year?  Let me list it and then, by next May (yay for private schools letting us out early… I’d get to finish my finals without fear! lol) let’s see how well I’ve done. Grade ASAP – Let this be a goal of a returning homework to students no more than 2 days after they turned it in! Be more organized – Make good use of file cabinets, folders, and stuff… I need to practice what I preach!… Read More